Aerial Photography Course :

For photographic fanatics and creative artists a chance has come to take your imagination to the next level. To experience a bird’s eye view, to capture the landscape photo from the top, Visualite Academy offers a course on Aerial Photography, where the students can learn how to take the best aerial images and videos out of the aerial/drone camera. You will be introduced to piloting a drone and our teachers will be supervising the sessions. As aerial photography is getting famous across the world, we want to make sure that our students have access to it. To study aerial photography, a degree of flexibility is required as we have to look into the weather forecast sometimes.

In this course, you will be having more hands-on experience and learn the subject as we strive to give more practical knowledge than theoretical knowledge. Our pedagogical style includes classroom sessions teaching that shows you what magical pictures can be taken from a drone/aerial photography. In that process, you will learn the basic concept of how to fly a drone, where you can use it legally, how high and how far. Finally, we will discuss about its pros and cons in various professions.

What is aerial photography?

Aerial photography is taking photos from a flying object. They have different sets of platform like kites, balloons, parachutes, stand-alone telescoping and vehicle-mounted poles. The other platforms are aircraft, helicopters, and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs or drones).

Private one-to- one coaching program

We offer the private one-to- one coaching program for students who want to have extra teaching and guidance. This program focuses on imparting the necessary skills and expertise to students who look for individual training. Our teachers have a beautiful chance to give attention to you exclusively and help you to improve your weak points. They are approachable and super-friendly, where students can feel comfortable and learn at ease. They give the feedback and constant motivation to improve your knowledge and skills. Through many practical sessions, they will groom you into a perfect artist with full confidence and enthusiasm.

Our Eligibility Criteria

To pursue the Aerial photography Course, you need to meet the following simple criteria:

Previous Experience:

No previous experience is required for learning aerial photography, as this course is designed for both beginners and semi-professionals. So no prior knowledge or experience is needed.

Educational Qualification:

No academic qualification is required. Starting from a school dropout, 10 th , 12 th (pass), to any degree, students can learn the aerial photography course.


There is no minimum and maximum age limit for studying aerial photography. It welcomes people of all age groups. Similarly, aerial photography is open to both men and women. Visualite Academy wants students who are passionate, studious and dedicated to aerial photography. We believe in and strive for commitment, conviction, and consistency. We encourage our students to fully participate in every practice session and experience the fun while learning.

Course duration:

Aerial photography course (2 hours per day) classes will be held on both weekdays and weekends on a regular basis. Students are advised to choose either a weekday or weekend batch based on their requirements.

Career opportunities:

Aerial photography has an enormous amount of job opportunities in the media industry. Some of the most interesting jobs are given below:

After Course Tutoring Support

Learning aerial photography is something that gives us thrilling experience inside. To give that same feeling and enthusiasm to the world, we will help you with the right guidance and support. Visualite Academy by giving advice gives a great opportunity for students to get into the film industry through his After Course Tutoring Support program. Here we will discuss about the current market trends and vacancies available and how to approach the people and become a successful photographer. We will teach you how to get more projects and assignments followed by the scope of different genres of acting like in Television shows, movies/films, short-films, TV serials and series and many more. If you want to become a complete professional photographer, then you should know how to capture a product, a model, an event and some more for which you can seek our help anytime. We will guide you to attain those skills. Apart from that, if you are interested in other areas like photography, videography, editing, digital film making, etc, you can pursue the course at your pace and convenience. We always encourage our student’s curiosity and inquisitiveness. If you are an old student, you can learn the next course at discount rates, be it a 1-day crash course, 2-day workshop, 3-month diploma course or a 6- months / 1-year professional course.

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