Interior and Architecture Photography :

Interior and Architecture Photography is a new genre of photography, successfully gaining momentum in the market. To unearth the hidden opportunities in this colorful genre, come to Visualite Academy. We offer an Advanced Photography course, in which students can pick Interior and Architecture Photography as their area of study. This course enables a beginner to adjust camera, focus, and shoot a good picture of a building. We teach our students from the basic concepts of photography, and gradually move on with the advanced techniques. This includes both the interior and exterior of a building, different views and angles, and finally adding creative effects with background nature and its vibrant colors.

Our teaching method comprises of conducting more photoshoots. We persuade our students to come up with innovative ideas. We teach them all the theories of lighting, flash, background, environment, etc. They will learn the business and promotion skills, followed by the important areas to be focused on premises. For instance, if they are going to take a new school building for promotion, they should capture the classroom, playground, canteen, toilet, garden, etc along with the school management, school toppers, famous alumni, and teaching staffs. We train them in taking photos of all.

Our tools and equipment are one-of- a-kind. We have the high-standard cameras and lenses, contemporary editing softwares and updates, and a high-tech studio with all amenities. When it comes to our teachers, they are highly-qualified professionals in the photography industry, having nearly a decade of experience in the field, exposed to various genres of photography. They teach our students the necessary business skills and traits, and also share their real-time experiences. Based on the time availability and student’s interest, we would invite the industry experts for guest lecturing. This session includes sharing the best practices and a group discussion where students can ask their questions and doubts.

End of every photo session, students will receive feedbacks from our tutors. Our tutors will give individual instructions before every photoshoot and guide them whenever necessary. To experience the practical challenges, we conduct photoshoot in different locations and environment. Throughout the course, our tutors will be helping the students, teach them the problem-solving techniques. Thus, at the end, we nurture our student’s passion and creativity and mould them into a professional photographer.

Key highlights in the Interior and Architecture Photography:
  1. Attain expertise in interior and exterior photography (both the indoor and outdoor).
  2. Taking photos like a professional photographer.
  3. Acquire knowledge in business and promotion skills.
  4. Guest lecturers, group activities, individual feedbacks.
  5. Creating and developing his/her own style.
  6. Different types of lighting and its significance, composition, etc.
  7. Photo editing skills – color corrections, photo re-touching, making album, etc.
  8. Weekly workshops, group critiques, and individual feedbacks.
  9. Real-time experience and problem-solving skills.
  10. Free DSLR camera for practice.
  11. Creating an Interior and Architecture Photography portfolio.

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