Diploma in Digital Film Making Course

“If it can be written or thought, it can be filmed” – Stanley Kubrick
Do you think you can visualize and film your thoughts and writings? If yes, then get tutored in our Diploma course in Digital Film-Making that will boost your confidence and expertise in filmmaking. To start a career in filmmaking, to create some thought-provoking films, to mark a position in the film and media industry, acquire a strong foundation by investing the time and effort in a well-known institute. Visualite Academy has an excellent reputation in the media industry and has produced some exceptional filmmakers. It strives to impart high standards in teaching with best quality tools and equipment.

With hands-on experience, supervised workshops and motivating feedbacks, our training program transforms a typical classroom atmosphere into a friendly atmosphere. Our faculties are all highly qualified top professionals but at the same time very pleasant and approachable. The curriculum we provide has prepared by our experts, by keeping in mind the existing gaps in the entertainment industry and meet its requirements. There will be enough space to practice and experiment with the digital video camera, whenever correction is needed, our teachers will pitch in and correct it. It is students, who give the ideas and thoughts during the practical session classes. These programs emphasize skill development and a solid background in the process, technology of art and design.

Eligibility Criteria: To pursue the Digital Film-Making Diploma Course, you need to meet the following simple criteria:

Previous Experience:No previous experience is required in Film-Making, as this course is designed for both beginners and semi-professionals. So no prior knowledge or experience is needed.

Age/Gender: There is no minimum and maximum age limit for studying Digital filmmaking. It welcomes all the age group. Similarly, filmmaking is open to both men and women.

Visualite Academy wants students who are passionate, studious and dedicated to film-making. We believe in and strive for commitment, conviction, and consistency. We encourage our students to participate in every film-shoot and to experience fun learning.

Course Duration:

Digital Filmmaking is a 6-month course (2 hours per day); classes will be held on both weekdays and weekends on a regular basis. Students are advised to choose either a weekday or the weekend batch based on their requirements.

Course Syllabus:

The course syllabus is fully prepared by our professional teachers, to fill the existing gaps and to meet the contemporary technological updates; every topic is designed to the world-class level.

  1. Introduction to movie making
  2. Production Management
  3. Script writing
  4. Storyboard
  5. Photography
  6. Videography
  7. Lighting Techniques
  8. Importance of Audio
  9. Audio and Video Editing
  10. Business Communication and distributions

Career Opportunities:

Digital Film-Making offers you ample number of career opportunities, below are some of the well-established ones:

  • Film Director
  • Assistant Director
  • Production Supervisor
  • Camera Operator
  • Television Director
  • Set Manager
  • Film Editor
  • Audio Recordist
  • Director of Photography
  • Artist Director
  • Assistant Film Editor
  • Camera Assistant

Private One-to-One Coaching:

For students who believe that one-on-one training gives best teaching and experience, they can join our Private One-to-One coaching program and get the best training and feedback. We give 100% attention, develop their strengths and work on the weak points. We provide well-qualified teachers who encourage questions and clarify doubts instantly and make sure students get a complete understanding of the concepts and theories. Thus, we ensure our students are left with no doubts and to experience immense satisfaction. It also helps our teachers to learn the student's level of understanding and to train them accordingly. We provide this program at comparatively affordable rates, hence anyone can avail this service from us.

After Course Tutoring Support:

To make your film-making career a secured and successful one, we provide the sought-after business traits in our after course tutoring support. Once you become specialized in visual media as an Editor, a Cinematographer, a Producer, a Director or a Visualizer, you will be meeting many complexities involved in the industry, so to take the right decision, you can seek our free tutoring support. We help you to find a solution in everything and how to handle your crew and bring the best out of them. By raising the bars of creativity and style, you will get trained in new fashion and manner. After you complete the Digital Film-Making course, your strengths and skills will get enhanced with new thoughts and creativity. Your perception of the world will become different and thus make you a good film-maker. If you have additional knowledge in photography and willing to explore more about it, you are most welcome to learn the basic concepts and more at discount rates. Other than photography, we do offer diploma courses in FCP Editing, Television Production, Advertising and Public Relations and many more, so you can expand your area of interest to other fields also.

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