It is not mandatory to own a professional camera. We will be providing a DSLR camera during the practice session.

To study Photography or any other course in Visualite Academy, there is no need to have a photography background.

After completing the course, the visualite academy offers placement where you can enroll and get placed yourself. If you want to start a new business, you can ask for guidance or advice to become a successful professional photographer.

Visualite Academy is student-friendly and highly flexible and yes, you can change your timing according to your requirements.

Communication skills are not required because your photographs are going to communicate to the people than your words.

The wealthy background is not required. Our courses can be taken up by anyone at affordable rates.

No educational qualifications are required. Even a school dropout can pursue this course.

No previous experience or practical knowledge is required to study photography.

Yes, after completing the professional photography diploma course, you can apply for any photography job.

Yes, we offer a certified course that is valid wherever you go. The certificate will be issued at the end of the course.

We don’t conduct any written or practical exam. The course will be focused mainly on the practical session. After completing the course you will be given a course completion certificate.

Our teachers are top professionals who have huge experience in different genres of photography like Fashion Photography, Wedding Photography, Landscape Photography, Business Corporate Photography and much more.

Our ambience is one-of- a-kind. We have air-conditioned, spacious and safe environment and we have a well-equipped class. Our coaching faculties are super-friendly and approachable.

During the class hours, you will be taken to outdoor photoshoot to gain knowledge and real-time experience. We give you enough space to experiment with a professional DSLR camera and to take some best shots.

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