Fashion Photography :

Fashion is a multi-cultural, multi-regional, and multi-timing genre of photography influences every student and his passion. Our Fashion Photography course gives students the rare opportunity to learn and explore the world of fashion industry. This program aimed at proficient photographers who want to develop their skills in this arena. Starting from the budding photographers to professionals, anybody can take up either the Advanced Photography or Professional Photography course to learn this exciting genre of storytelling.

Visualite Academy ensures a strong base for students on modeling, hair-style, advertising, makeup, along with lighting, photoshoot, editing, and processing. We teach them from the scratch with all the basic concepts of photography and gradually take them to the advanced level.

When it comes to tools and equipment, Visualite has the best. Our apparatus of photography includes cutting-edge technologies such as high-resolution cameras and lenses, up-to- date version of editing tools, and finally the studio, filled with all amenities. To meet the contemporary updates in the fashion photography, we replace our equipment with the new one consistently to give best quality education and service.

Our pedagogical style is original and rare. We give more practical sessions to our students. They will start their day with professional cameras, taking some shots and reviewing with the teachers. Based on their teaching, they will come up with unique concepts and ideas. During the hands-on session, we will provide you with the most advanced Digital-SLR camera to experiment. Students can practice freely anytime they want (no additional charges will be deducted for using our DLSR camera). Students can also bring their professional cameras, be it Canon or Nikon or Sony. Probably, Fashion is a wide evolving industry, and we persuade our students to go through the current trends and styles. Thus, we make them reach the world-class standards.

We built a group of photographers, professionals as well as experienced in various genres of photography. They are most influential and creative in fashion photography. Since they have attained mastery in photography, they work interchangeably from one genre to another. They are very approachable to students and encourage them to give their best artwork.
The main goal of the program is the cultivation of an individual creativity, produce aesthetic photographs, and profoundly influence the future of the fashion medium.

Key highlights in Fashion Photography:

  1. Introduction to fashion photography
  2. Build employability skills.
  3. Taking photos of male and female models.
  4. Unearth and nurture his/her style.
  5. Different types of lights, composition, hairstyle, makeup, etc.
  6. Photo editing, adding effects, color corrections, and so on.
  7. Sharing best industrial practices.
  8. Real-time experience through numerous practical sessions.
  9. Business skills, marketing techniques, and workflow.
  10. Creating a fashion photography portfolio.

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