Portrait Photography :

To capture the personality of a person using effective lighting, backdrops, and poses, one should attain mastery in portrait photography. Visualite Academy offers an Advanced Photography course; in which one choose portrait photography as their area of interest. This amazing genre opens a wide range of opportunities for young students in the field. Our course is made to provide students the necessary technical skills and business traits. Starting from the concepts of camera, lighting, and pictures to poses, dressing sense, and expressions, we will train you into good photographers, gaining knowledge and expertise in all types of portrait photography (indoor and outdoor).

We teach our students practically, by conducting more hands-on sessions. We would expect them to learn the art of synchronization. It is the photographer’s responsibility to correctly synchronize the person’s face with his/her makeup, hairstyle, dress, and poses. We impart such skills to our students and make them as highly-skilled professionals. We encourage them to come up with new ideas and techniques, try to implement it in the practical classes. We would also give them exercises to unearth their creativity and create their unique style.

After every photoshoot, we take them to the digital post-processing techniques. This session covers all the advanced level of editing such as removing distractions, adding effects, color corrections, photo re- touching, and noise removing, and so on followed by making a photo-book or photo album and photo lamination. We would invite the industry experts to give guest lectures, and also a discussion session where students can ask their doubts. This session can be extended or reduced based on the time availability and student’s inquisitiveness.

About our resources, we possess the best-in- class tools and equipment with us. We are having the most advanced cameras and lenses, recently launched photo editing softwares and updates, and a fully sophisticated studio with all necessary amenities. Our teachers are the most influential photographers in the market and great exposure in various genres of photography. They are exceptional good teachers, taking guest lecturers in some of the leading colleges in Chennai. They will share you their best practices, knowledge and experience in portrait photography, and finally the opportunities coming up in the industry, such as portrait photography for Wedding, Candid, Family, Business/Headshot, Matrimonial/Alliance/Bridal, Couple, and many more.

Key highlights of the Portrait Photography:
  1. Taking photographs like a professional portrait photographer.
  2. Advanced level of camera setting, lighting, flash, etc.
  3. Acquire knowledge on poses, hairstyle, and makeup.
  4. Group activities but individual feedbacks.
  5. Hands-on and real-time photoshoot sessions.
  6. Photo editing, corrections, photo album, etc.
  7. Attain mastery in different types of portrait photography.
  8. Discover and develop his/her style.
  9. Creating a portrait photography portfolio.

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