Scriptwriting Course

Do you know, what makes a film success? Not surprisingly, it is the script in it. If you have a passion for writing, storytelling, and editing, then a profession called scriptwriting is just waiting for you. Visualite Academy offers a certificate course on scriptwriting and helps the students to attain mastery in it. As this dynamic world demands a wide variety of stories, the young minds getting expertise in scriptwriting certainly, do offer a means to deliver such stories in an interesting manner. Students from across the place, come with the dream of joining the media and filmmaking industry. And we nurture their dreams, show them the right strategies, mentor them, and conduct periodic feedbacks.

Understanding what a script is all about, giving an outline to the story, formatting the script and so on, thus you will be learning the means and methods of scriptwriting. Our tutors are professionals who practise writing and teach you the art of writing. Hence, we ensure our students are passing out with the necessary writing skills that attract every audience in the field.

What is Scriptwriting? :

Scriptwriting (Scriptwriting is also known as screenwriting) is an art of writing scripts for various platforms such as television productions or video games or feature films which all come under the mass media. Many people take this profession for freelance to earn extra-money.

Scriptwriter is a person who searches for a story, developing the narrative, writing the screenplay and producing it in the required format. Screenwriter is having a great influence on the creative direction and emotional contents of the screenplay.

Scriptwriting has a wide range of types in the entertainment industry. In a single script, there will be more one writers working on it at different stages of development with different tasks.

Private one-to- one coaching program

To students who like independent learning, we offer them a private one-to- one coaching to have a perfect blend of academic knowledge and expert’s feedback. This program enables our tutors to give individual attention to the student and help him/her to understand the concepts easily. The instructors will take enough time to teach the student and to impart the training accordingly. The main goal of this program is to give a platform for students to learn freely and independently, as we value their solitude. This gives them more space to experiment and analyse the results on their own and getting the suggestions and feedbacks from our teachers then and there.

Our Eligibility Criteria

To pursue the Acting Course, you need to meet the following simple criteria:

Previous Experience:

No previous experience is required in scriptwriting, as this course is designed for both beginners and semi-professionals. So no prior knowledge or experience is needed.

Educational Qualification:

No academic qualification is required. Starting from a school dropout, 10 th , 12 th (pass), to any degree, students can learn the scriptwriting course.

Age/Gender There is no minimum and maximum age limit for studying scriptwriting. It welcomes people of all age groups. Similarly, scriptwriting is open to both men and women.

Visualite Academy wants students who are passionate, studious and dedicated to scriptwriting. We believe in and strive for commitment, conviction, and consistency. We encourage our students to fully participate in every writing exercise and experience the fun while learning.

Course duration: Scriptwriting course (2 hours per day) classes will be held on both weekdays and weekends on a regular basis. Students are advised to choose either a weekday or weekend batch based on their requirements.

Career opportunities : Script writing gives a fascinating experience and makes you fly high. It has a wide scope in terms of employment.

  • Script writer (Branded content)
  • Creative services
  • Video script writer
  • Copywriter
  • Comedy writer
  • Brand writer
  • Once you complete the certificate course in Scriptwriting, you will become highly skilled in writing and your writing skill goes to another level. While leaving the place, we want to give an informative memorable day. We provide this After Course Tutoring Supportprogram to all of our students who complete the course successfully. This program guides you how to enter into the media industry and how to prove yourself to others. It is a known fact that every profession has its own challenges, and so as the scriptwriting. After you joining a project, you may face some difficulties on the work and to handle it, you can anytime approach us and our experts will help you in coming over the obstacles.

    As this program is free of cost, you can get our assistance how many times you want, and we always welcome your inquisitiveness. Apart from scriptwriting, if you want to learn the other areas like photography, videography, editing, audiography, digital filmmaking, etc, then you can enroll yourself in any area you desire, and acquire that knowledge easily. For old students, we deliver our coaching at discount rates to encourage them learning. The main goal of this tutoring support is to make sure our students are getting a smooth entry into the industry.

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