What is Film-Making?

Film-making involves a number of stages, including an initial story or idea, through screenwriting, casting, shooting, and reproduction, editing and screening the end-result that may come in a film release.

Short Film-Making Course

For all students community! Visualite Academy offers Summer Short-filmmaking course for you. To learn the important concepts of short filmmaking and create an unforgettable short-film on your own, get hook up with our summer course on short film-making and acquire those necessary skills. The program is built concisely to include all the essential subjects like directing, budgeting, casting, camera settings, basic photography and so on. Our session consists of expert’s lecture where the top professionals in the commercial world will come and share their practical experiences to students; simultaneously students will also clarify their doubts. The practical session starts from the student, standing behind a camera, controlling the team and giving individual instructions to them. Thus, at the end, we will add knowledge and skills to their thoughts and creativity and will make them a perfect short-flimmaker.


After completing our Summer Short filmmaking course, you will be fully-ready to make your own short- film with the must-have skills. Thus, it opens the door to join in either any short-film making team or in a film-making crew to some extent. If you want to change your career and explore the full film industry, you can enroll in our Digital Filmmaking course (short-term/part- time/full-time) and turn into a professional filmmaker.

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