Summer Courses

To make this summer holidays a fascinating, enjoyable and an unforgettable one, come to our summer courses that is designed for passionate people. Visualite Academy offers a wide range of courses in Photography, Videography, Film-making and much more to people who seek a right place to start their hobby or career. Our in-depth course concentrates on different types of students, ranging from newbies and a little experienced to experts and professionals.

The course emphasizes on practical sessions to bring out the best pictures of yours. Our tutors are highly professional photographers from different genres. They are super-friendly, approachable, and impart the necessary training to students in an easy way.

Photography :

Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. By joining our training classes, you too can make others to experience the same in your photo. Our summer photography course offers you the opportunity to work with the latest kit, shape your creativity, and acquire job-ready skills. Thus, by taking up this course, you are promised to become a professional from an amateur.

List of Photography Courses

Fashion Photography : To explore the fashion industry, to capture the world’s best models and to become a professional fashion photographer, join our Fashion photography course and bring your thoughts into action.

Street Photography : To add beauty to your city streets, to add color to your city’s uniqueness, study Street Photography course and make your best photo as the next international magazine’s front-page cover.

Travel Photography: If you’re a traveler and wanted to make your every journey a memorable one, learn our Travel Photography course that gives you a concise format of training on how to capture the beautiful nature and its culture.

Nature/Landscape Photography : To capture the spaces within the world, sometimes vast and unending, to create an evidence of our unbelievable nature, come and study our Nature/Landscape Photography course that delivers the best training and advice to become a professional nature photographer.

Black and White Photography : Black and White is refuge of colors from their own nullity. To create your own black and white photos, get well versed with the basics and techniques. Pursue our Black and White Photography course and start your own black and white photo collections.

Journalism and Documentary : Journalism and Photography go hand-in- hand. If you’re a journalism student then study our Journalism and Documentary Course that gives you the must-have skills to become a better journalist from others.

Digital Photography : To learn the camera concepts, lens, and exposure and so on, join our Digital Photography course that gives you the most need skills that every digital-SLR camera user should know. It helps you to become an outstanding professional photographer.

Course Duration : 5 days for Beginner’s level/ 10 days for Intermediate level/ 16 days for Advanced level.

Placement : If you’re looking for a career change, then photography would be a nice option. Globally, photography is a well-recognized and highly paid profession. It takes you to different people, places, culture, and tradition. To become a professional photographer, you need to acquire the essentials of photography with latest technology skills by learning our professional photography course. We promise you a successful career in photography with right guidance and tutoring. We’re proud of giving many numbers of professional photographers in this industry and making their dream into reality.

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