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Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography course has a different and charming face in Visualite school of academy. Wedding is the occasion where, guests throng weeks in advance, kitchens never shut down, kids never tire, there's never enough shopping and never enough food, but definitely more than enough reasons for another photo. Every wedding tells a story! The hustle and bustle of crowded halls or the serenity in a colonial church, it's a new journey of two people, one that starts with happiness right from here. Each wedding would be a different shoot because not all of them have a horse ride, a sangeet, a nikah, a bridal shower, and still, it's never enough photos.

  • Introduction to wedding photography
  • Candid Photography
  • Camera flash techniques
  • Concept & Visualization
  • Various sessions in Wedding(Brides, Grooms homes, venues, family photos, Procession)
  • Schedule planning
  • Pre-Wedding and Post-Wedding
  • Studio lighting
  • Shooting Practice in
  • Real time practices

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