Wedding Photography :

Among all the genres of Photography, Wedding Photography comes special and memorable to both the customers and photographers. Meeting new people, connecting with their heart, and exchanging memory, the one who loves to be around with people can take Wedding Photography as their career.

Visualite Academy after achieving experience more than a decade, wants to spread their knowledge and experience to the younger generation. The course is specially designed to incorporate all the nuances and techniques starting from the meeting, planning, and signing, to editing, corrections, and submitting photos. Throughout the course, students will perform a series of projects to gain ‘real-time’ experience.

Our Wedding Photography course covers the entire south Indian weddings, such as Engagement, Pre- Wedding, Post-Wedding, Traditional, Candid, Brahmin Wedding, Christian Wedding, Muslim Wedding, etc followed by the customs and rituals of each Hindu Wedding. As we know, Wedding Photography is very technical and individual-specific; we give significance to their individual-specific needs. Our students will be also learning Bridal portraits, both the bride and groom, where we will teach them new poses, locations, and capturing emotions effortlessly.

This professional course will make students shoot weddings like a pro. During the course, students will be experiencing all the practical challenges, right from early morning ritual to late night couple’s photo shoot. This experience grooms each student into a highly-skilled professional and boosts their confidence.

After every photoshoot, the next process comes forward is the photo editing, here students will learn the necessary steps like color correction, retouching, etc and finally making a photo album and photo lamination. This makes our photographers best in not only taking photos but also correcting and editing the photos.

Our students will receive genuine reviews from our photographers then and there. From the start to till the end of every photo session, students will be given instructions and helped by our tutors whenever needed. With our constant input and motivation, we have got only the best aesthetic work from our students. Finally, we will give individual feedback to our students, sharing their individual strengths and improving their weak points. Thus, this session creates an opportunity for students to freely interact with their teachers and also discuss about their future endeavors.
By the time our students finish their program, they will have a separate portfolio of high-quality images as well as the skills and expertise to succeed as a professional wedding photographer.

Key highlights in Wedding Photography:
  1. Planning, budgeting, and implementation.
  2. Taking photos like a professional wedding photographer.
  3. Taking photos of bridal portrait.
  4. Pre-wedding and Post-wedding photoshoot
  5. Different types of lights and its theories, composition, exposure, and posing.
  6. Discover and develop his/her style and method.
  7. Knowing every marriage’s customs and rituals.
  8. Photo editing, corrections, photo album, etc.
  9. Business skills, marketing techniques, and workflow.
  10. Real-time practical experiences.
  11. Creating a wedding photography portfolio.

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