Wildlife Photography :

If you want some thrill, surprise, and challenge in photography? Try the wildlife photography. Nobody can deny the fact that, wildlife is beautiful. To capture and document those various forms of wildlife in its natural habitat, Visualite Academy helps you take better photographs of them. We offer an Advanced Photography course for students to teach Wildlife photography genre. This course focuses on an introduction to wildlife photography, why is it different from nature and landscape photography, specific tools and equipment, locations and its geography, etc. Hence, this course teaches students the job-ready skills and help them to kick-start their career in this inspiring genre.

Our teaching method includes many hands-on experiences followed by some unique exercises. This helps you take razor-sharp photos. We will also teach you the portrait photography, different types of lenses, camera techniques, and how to shoot in a forest. We will start our everyday session by taking photos of different species, analyzing with the teacher, and finally editing it. You will learn to take photos in the manual mode switching from the automatic mode of your camera. If you don’t have a camera, don’t worry! We will provide you our professional Digital-SLR camera for practice and experiment freely (no additional charges). Students are also encouraged to bring their professional cameras, be it a Nikon or Canon or Sony.

We are having all sets of tools and equipment to take photos in a forest. Our teachers are highly- qualified professionals, possessing rich experience in wildlife genre. They will teach you the diverse locations available in India and its unique climates. At the same time, they will share you their real-life work experiences. In post-processing session, you will get expertise in color correction, adjustment, white balance, noise correction, and so on.

With minimum creativity and maximum perseverance, anybody can shine in wildlife photography. You will become a professional with all the technical skills related to wildlife and start taking exotic creatures in natural-looking images.

We offer this Advanced Photography course in two different types to cater the student’s specific needs:
1. 1-month advanced photography course (weekday classes); 2 hours per day.
2. 2-month advanced photography course (weekend classes); 2 hours per day.

Students are asked to choose either one from the above and create a memorable learning.

Key highlights in the Wildlife Photography:
  1. Wildlife photography tips and techniques.
  2. Start shooting like pro and producing world-class images.
  3. Hands-on session with wildlife related tools and equipment.
  4. Post-processing knowledge and skills.
  5. Top professionals in the field as teachers.
  6. Build employability and professional skills.
  7. Free DSLR camera for practice.
  8. Weekly workshops, group critiques, and individual feedbacks.
  9. Flexible dates and timings.
  10. Creating a wildlife photography portfolio.

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