2-Day Workshop

Visualite Academy’s goal is to give a comfortable, encouraging, creative environment where photographers of all levels can expand their creative and technical skills and achieve their desired vision. Here is the opportunity to learn from professional photographers having rich experience in different genres and at the same time setting the new trends and fashion in the industry.

You will be provided with a professional DSLR camera to experiment and to bring out the best pictures. In these two days workshop on photography, you will be updated with the latest technology tools and skills that are popular and trendsetting. Also, you can get clarified doubts with our teachers who are experts in knowledge and experience wise.

2-Day Workshop for NRI’s:

Visualite Academy offers a 2-Day workshop course on photography at affordable rates. Any Non- Resident Indian (NRI) can avail this opportunity and transform himself from a beginner to a professional in two days. Our program is designed to give you all the necessary skills and techniques involved in photography at a very low price and thus save you a lot of time and effort from going to a photography school abroad.
You will be given a free professional DSLR camera to learn, experiment and to bring out the best shots. Without any communication gap, you will learn the basics and advanced skills easily from our teachers as they are highly experienced professionals and exceptionally good at teaching. We strive for your utmost satisfaction in investing money and acquiring knowledge.

2-Day Workshop for Children and Adults

If your kid likes taking photos, collating it and making an album, then don’t underestimate his/her interest. Instead of admitting them to a dance class, karate class or a swimming class, you can make them learn photography. We offer a two-day workshop for your children to bring out their inner talents. The course is designed to help one learn the basics of a professional camera and photography.

If you want your child to be unique and creative? Visualite academy offers your child an opportunity to become one. Our course is for both children and adults, and they will be handled by our tutors who are highly professional top photographers and have a huge experience in different photography genres. The atmosphere will be friendly and encouraging, so students can learn without any difficulty. They will be provided with a free DSLR camera to practice and experiment thus we strive for their creativity.

Are you a working professional, who never had a chance to learn photography? Are you a family man? Who never know how to take a picture, and then you stepped into the right place. If you want a career change or a new hobby, photography would be a perfect one. Photography brings out your hidden talents and refreshes your creativity. No matter how stressful your day is, taking one nice shot would change your mood from bad to “WOW” instantly. Visualite Academy offers you a two-day photography workshop that imparts you the basic tools and techniques of photography. At the end, you will become an expert in photography and can take photos of all your family functions, business meetings, etc. You will be given a professional DSLR camera to practice and learn during the practical session, and also given enough space to experiment.

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