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  • Entire day from 10 am to 6 pm.
  • Workshop can either be taken up as weekday session or weekend session

1 day photography crash course?

“Skill in photography is acquired by practice and not by purchase.” – Percy W.Harris.

WOW!! Now anyone can learn basic photography in 1 day. Visualite Academy offers a 1-Day Workshop on Basic Photography, where aspiring students can learn all the basic concepts and tools of Photography.

Visualite Academy is offering one day photography workshop for all the photography enthusiasts who do not find time to take up full time photography classes. This photography workshop is the perfect course for beginners who want to get an idea of what photography is all about. After this workshop, if the students are interested, they can further pursue our advanced photography course.

What is the necessity to take up one day basic photography workshop?

There may be working professionals who are interested in learning photography but, may find it difficult to take time out of their busy schedule and attend a photography course. For those people, this workshop crash course is a boon. This course teaches them the usage of a DSLR camera for getting professional photographs. This also is useful for students who want to decide whether or not they want to take up photography as a career choice.

Topics covered in the one day basic photography crash course:
  • Using a DSLR
  • Exposure triangle- ISO, Shutter speed, aperture
  • Different lenses and their uses
  • Outdoor shooting
  • Framing techniques

  • Who all can attend the workshop?

    Since, it is not a regular course and it is only a workshop, there is no minimum qualification standard to attend the workshop. Anyone with passion for photography and interest in clicking photographs can join the course and learn the basics of photography. This course is highly recommended for beginners but, people who know the basics of photography can also join to brush up their basics or, they can take up the one on one session with our well experienced staff to clarify their doubts about other topics in photography.

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