What do we offer?

Visualite Academy offers Film, Photography and media courses for all at affordable fees. The courses are structured in such a manner that it meets the Industry standards and the ever evolving needs of the Industry. Some of the courses offered by Visualite are:

Basic photography: This course aims to teach beginners the fundamental concepts of photography and train them in the art of developing a photographic eye.

Advance photography: This course teaches students the basics of photography and also allows them to choose one specialization of photography and that specialization will be taught in detail.

Professional photography: This course aims to teach Photography to those who wish to take it up as their career. This course allows the student to choose either two or six specializations and there are also internship and placement opportunities given in this course.

Basic photography: This course aims to teach beginners the fundamental concepts of photography and train them in the art of developing a photographic eye.

Cinematography: This course teaches students the art of capturing motion picture. All the techniques of shooting a film are taught in this course.

Direction and screenplay writing: This course aims to teach the very basis of filmmaking, i.e., the art of writing a film script and learning how to visualize it.

Video editing: This course provides students with the technical and aesthetic knowledge related to editing video for films, television and advertisements.

Sound engineering: This course teaches the technical and aesthetic aspect of sound designing and it also reinstates the importance of sound to a Film.

Digital Filmmaking: This course aims to give a complete overview of all the departments in a film/ television set. Right from Direction-production- edit, this course covers it all.

Visual communication: This course teaches students effective ways to communicate through visuals and also reaffirms the importance of visuals in this digital world.

Augmented reality: This course teaches the technicalities associated with the developing technology of augmented reality. It makes students future- ready.

Virtual reality: This is a course that teaches students Virtual reality technology that goes beyond just the gaming sector. It trains students to use Virtual reality in the workspace around them.

Videography: This course trains students in the art of independent filmmaking by giving them a wholesome knowledge about various departments of independent Filmmaking.

Acting: This course aims to teach students on stage and off stage acting. Focusing on various facets of acting, this course teaches theatre acting and acting for the camera.

Advertising and PR: This course aims to teach the management side of the media industry. It trains students to look at media from the business perspective.

Television production: This course teaches students about the entire process involved in production. Right from the pre-production stage till the Film/ any audio visual content is released

Journalism: This course teaches the techniques and intricacies involved in bringing the news about happenings around the world to the public.

Photojournalism: This course teaches students to tell their stories or bring their news to the public with the help of photographs.